Udhvarthanam is a special kind of massage in an upward direction( Prathiloma=in the opposite direction of the body hair) by using medicated powders. It has a prominent role in Ayurveda massage therapies.It is also one of the detoxification treatment. It’s a method for cellulite reduction. Udvarthanam is a stimulating massage. It’s very effective and can define as Ayurveda powder massage. Using special herbal powder, this special Ayurveda massage therapy gives you many physical benefits. Udvarthanam, It has the power to improve blood circulation. Udvarthanam is an effective massage therapy which gives shine and smoothness to body skin. Udvarthanam enhances the skin texture and appearance. Fatty deposits of the body will be removed. A mixture of Ayurvedic powders with the thorough exfoliation (very powerful) energizes the blood circulation and effectively breakups the fatty deposits of the body. It gives relax by removing excess heat from the body. Udvarthanam definitely enhances the blood circulation. It spreads fresh energy to the whole body especially to the surface of the skin.
It is an ultimate remedy for many metabolic and lifestyle disorders. Especially for obesity, bad body odor, Diabetes, stroke, varicose vein, Neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy etc

Udvarthanam Ayurvedic Treatment