Kati vasthi is considered as to be a most effective method for treating back pain. It is a type of local snigdhasveda, where warm oil is kept at the Kati pradesha (lower back area) for a prescribed time.
The patient lies in a prone position and Kati paradesha is encircled with black gram paste (or a boundary is maintained in that particular area) for the oil retention there. Warm medicated oil is poured slowly at the site. The temperature must be maintained at 40-45 degree Celsius, by replacing a small quantity after re-heating the oil. After the prescribed time, oil should be removed with the help of cotton. This procedure can be performed in other areas like greeva (Cervical region/back of the neck), Janu (knee), uras (chest) etc.. and named accordingly(Greeva vasthi, Janu vasthi, Urovasthi etc..)


KATIVASTHI Ayurvedic Treatment