Katisula - Back Pain Treatment

3 weeks


  • Helps to reduce backache
  • Helps in a postural correction to prevent the progression
  • Helps to reduce the para-spinal muscle spasm
  • Strengthens the muscles to prevent progression
  • Improves the range of mobility of joints
  • Helps to slow down age-related degenerative changes of bone, intervertebral discs etc.
  • Training in lifestyle modifications with respect to the disease
  • Dietary advises correcting the probable nutritional deficiencies and “Pathya ahara parichaya” in this particular disease condition
  • The internal & external medications and treatment measures (Kriyakrakmas) are aimed to do the maximum possible corrections in your current health status
  • The Residential package is enriched with Ayurveda based Physiotherapy exercises, which is highly beneficial for spine disorders
  • The Residential package is also enriched with yoga and meditation sessions which will in turn provide a psychosomatic balance to improve the overall well-being of an individual in all possible ways
  • Biomechanical rehabilitation training in cases related to backache

TREATMENTS FOR Katisula - Back Pain Treatment