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Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala


Back pain can occur as a result of injury, activity, or certain medical conditions. It can affect people of any age for a variety of reasons. As people get older, the risk of back pain increases due to factors such as previous occupation and degenerative disc disease.

The pain in the lower back is linked to the discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves, abdominal and pelvic internal organs, and lower back muscles. The pain in the upper back is to illnesses such as tumors in the chest, spine inflammation, and aorta.

Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital and Panchakarma Centre provide the best ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala with natural treatments for patients through Ayurveda. Being the authentic hospital for back pain treatment in Kerala, Dhathri follows the ancient and true treatment methods that offer you complete relief from your back pain without any surgeries.



  • Helps to reduce backache
  • Helps in a postural correction to prevent the progression
  • Helps to reduce the para-spinal muscle spasm
  • Strengthens the muscles to prevent progression
  • Improves the range of mobility of joints
  • Helps to slow down age-related degenerative changes of bone, intervertebral discs etc.
  • Training in lifestyle modifications with respect to the disease
  • Dietary advises correcting the probable nutritional deficiencies and “Pathya ahara parichaya” in this particular disease condition
  • The internal & external medications and treatment measures (Kriyakrakmas) are aimed to do the maximum possible corrections in your current health status
  • The Residential package is enriched with Ayurveda based Physiotherapy exercises, which is highly beneficial for spine disorders
  • The Residential package is also enriched with yoga and meditation sessions which will in turn provide a psychosomatic balance to improve the overall well-being of an individual in all possible ways
  • Biomechanical rehabilitation training in cases related to backache

Ayurvedic Treatment For Low Back Pain