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ayurvedic treatment after delivery in kerala

Post Natal Care in Ayurveda

The process of child delivery is caused due to Vata activity. Vata will immensely increase soon after delivery. The digestion power, hygiene and immunity will also be very low in the mother.  Hence special care is required to balance Vata and strengthen the mother. The whole process of childbirth is a strain on the mother’s body, particularly in the abdomen, lower back and hips. This package helps to reduce such muscular tension.

The package is advisable after 7 days in case of normal delivery and if not after 15 days or after the wound healing.


  • It helps the mothers to overcome postnatal complexities and also nourish her to begin a happy journey with the baby
  • Improve well-being and immunity by stimulating lymph & blood flow
  • Strengthens the muscles and improves the muscle tone
  • Relaxes and rejuvenates the mother’s body
  • Detoxify the mother’s body

Ayurvedic Post Natal Care Treatment In Kerala