Ayurveda Karkidaka Chikitsa in Kerala

Karkidaka Chikilsa

The month of Karkkitaka is bestowed with heavy rainfall. Ayurveda opines that human body has the weakest bala (body strength) in Grishma ritu (season) and the following varsha ritu (season). The agni bala (digestive power) is very much weak and there is a chance of Thridosha kopa (vitiation of all three biological humors like vata,pitha and kapha)in the body even for healthy individuals due to climate changes. During this season even a normal healthy person is weak in immunity (Vyadhi kshamathva) and more prone to indigestion, gastric discomfort, various infections & skin ailments (also due to the increased atmospheric humidity, the chances of microbial and viral infections are too high), inflammatory disorders, muscle cramps and sprain, endemic diseases etc.. So as a part of Ritu charya (seasonal regimens according to Ayurveda) every individual should adopt thridoshaghna(that which cures the vitiated 3 biological humors like vata, pitha and kapha) & agnideepana (that which strengthens the digestive power) foods and medicines strictly under the guidance of a qualified ayurvedic physician only. This period has been identified as the most suitable period for preventive treatments and rejuvenation therapies. But it doesn’t mean that doing some massages without proper Ayurvedic consultation and diagnosis can restore your health or can resolve all your health problems. Accurate treatments and medicines adopted with regard to the patient and the disease condition with suitable modifications in the food and regimens is desirable to restore the health.
Our Karkkitaka treatments includes Abhyangam(massage), various types of Kizhi, Pizhichil, various type of Dharas, Herbal steam bath etc.. and also the purificatory measures (Sodhana chikits) or the Panchakarma treatments like vamana, virechana, vasthy, nasyam etc. depending upon the condition of the patient and the Doshaavastha(state of the tridoshas).

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