Dhathri Ayurveda is a name that represents Ayurveda in its true sense. Dhathri
Ayurveda Hospital, formerly known as Warriers hospital has a rich heritage of
more than three hundred years. The forefather of Dhathri Ayurveda,
Shri Parameswara Vaidyar started the illustrious tradition of ayurvedic medicines and healing in the small town of Kayamkulam.
Believed to be gifted with spiritual powers of healing, he was truly a Godsend
for the people, a healer who could cure any kind of disease. Before his demise,
the proficient knowledge and spiritual power that he garnered was handed over to the next generation- Shri. Kumaran Vaidyar who in turn took it to the next level. At present, his grandson Dr. Sajikumar has ushered in a revolution by making Ayurveda more accessible to the masses and has pioneered the use of scientific research and clinical studies to improve the quality and efficacy of various treatments and products including classical and patented Ayurveda products.

Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital & Panchakarma Centre